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Orion Corcilius
128 Morning Sun Avenue
Mill Valley, CA
94941 (USA)

Mobile: +1.707.843.0819
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Orion Hospitality is a boutique hospitality and real estate sector consulting firm that specializes in market intelligence, financial analytics and capital markets advisory.

We are an experienced provider of services facilitating real estate developers, owners, lenders, managers and investors in all stages of a project's life cycle, from initial concept and projections, through due diligence, acquisition, development, operation, re-development, re-positioning, re-capitalization and disposition. Our broad experience coupled with our sophisticated in-house proprietary financial modeling and market intelligence processes allow us to work side by side with each individual client to deliver a highly personalized, unique, market driven product that will stand up to scrutiny.

Sample Orion Hospitality Services provided to its Clients have included:

  • Capital Markets & Advisory:
    • Cash Flow, Capitalization & Returns Modeling
    • Financial Analytics
    • Capital Advisory and Structuring Services for Acquisitions, New Developments, JV's, Mergers, Partnerships, Re-Developments, Dispositions, Residuals and Alternative Capital Markets Strategies
    • Private Equity, Debt or other Capital Referral
    • Investor Representation & Asset Management
    • Presentation Materials

  • Consulting & Market Analysis:
    • Competitive Studies
    • Market Studies
    • Market Intelligence & Research
    • Supply & Demand Modeling
    • Concept & Positioning Analysis
    • Feasibility & Optimal-Use Assistance
    • Financial Projections

  • Hospitality, Residential & Other Real Estate Development:
    • Advisory, Structuring and Deal Composition
    • Acquisitions, Due Diligence & Project Coordination
    • Capital Structuring, Modeling & Referral
    • Financial Tracking & Forecasting
    • Technical Services
    • Critical Path

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