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Orion Corcilius
128 Morning Sun Avenue
Mill Valley, CA
94941 (USA)

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Hospitality, Residential, Mixed-Use and Other Real Estate Asset Classes
Consulting, Market Intelligence, Financial Modeling, Analytics & Capital Markets Advisory

Orion Hospitality was founded in 2003 based upon the relatively simple notion that a real estate consulting professional should have a thorough working understanding in all the inter-related aspects of our business, rooted in having been there and done that ourselves already. Each professional should be able to figure out and logically support the answers to "who, what, when, where, which, why and how" and be able to advise from our own personal and extensive experience as to a succinct and achievable path forward for our clients.

At Orion Hospitality, we aspire to figure out the difficult questions for you, with you; to determine, illustrate and support your project's optimal course forward and to your achieving the most desirable possible outcome. We generate critical market intelligence work, deliver supportable and relevant data, create concept, feasibility and positioning materials, develop cash flow, capitalization and returns models, provide sophisticated financial analysis, consulting and advisory assistance, as well as acquisition, due diligence and development support for our clients globally. We also assist with capital advisory services, including capital structuring, detailed financial modeling and capital source referrals.

If you anticipate or are in process of acquiring, developing or investing in a resort, hotel, lodging establishment, commercial real estate asset, master planned community or mixed-use asset, you can benefit by utilizing our services. A well executed deal eventuates through in-depth research, analytics, structuring, data-driven sequential decision making and succinct execution by a reputable and experienced team of professionals, each proven in their field of expertise and working together towards a common goal. Orion Hospitality can be a key contributing team member in this process.

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